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Adobe Premiere Rush

Course description:

Adobe Premiere Rush is a mobile or desktop video editing app. It is a scaled-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro, so it’s a great app for beginners or those who want to work and publish on the go. 

What you should already know:

This workshop is meant for beginners new to video editing or those new to Premiere Rush.

What you will learn:

In this class, you will learn basic functions of the Premiere Rush app.

Course outline:

  1. Overview of the Workshop
  2. Review the Premiere Rush interface
  3. Import files
  4. Edit timeline: reorder, crop, split, duplicate, transitions
  5. Edit audio: adding audio files, sound effects, voiceover
  6. Colors and presets
  7. Title pages and graphics
  8. Create flashing visual and loop
  9. Export files
No handout is available
No how-to documentation is available



Basic computing skills and access to internet.  

You will need to install Adobe Premiere Rush to your computer prior to class. See system requirements and instructions. Contact your Tech Support in your department if you need assistance.