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Adobe InDesign - Basics

Adobe InDesign is a powerful layout program you can use to create simple documents or multi-page publications. This course will guide you through a sample newsletter project where you will learn how to set up your document, master page template, margins, and guides. You'll learn how to create text frames, import text, and style text. And, you'll learn how to create graphic frames and place your images in those frames. Through this activity, you will gain more confidence with using the pages and links panels. You will also learn common tasks, including adding a footer with automatic page numbers, arranging objects by aligning and distributing, and more. Finally, you will learn how to package your files and how to create PDFs.


No handout is available
No how-to documentation is available



You should have very good command of the keyboard and mouse. If you already have some exposure to InDesign or other Adobe or layout software, you may have an easier time in this course.